Security Signal Transmission

The traditional form of communication for an alarm panel is a telephone line. However, many home and business owners are rightly concerned about the vulnerability of their phone lines to line-cuts or downed lines during a storm. Also, many have replaced their telephone land line with cable modem phone service (Voice over Internet Protocol – “VoIP”). While these services are technically advanced and can be less expensive than regular phone service, they too can be subject to periodic service interruptions. These interruptions could prevent your alarm system from contacting the central monitoring station, perhaps at the worst possible time.

Your security system includes a back-up power supply that keeps your system operating during a power interruption. Why wouldn’t you provide for the same level of back-up protection for your phone service?! Many forget that when there is a power outage or phone and cable lines are down, phone services are affected as well. That’s precisely why we recommend radio transmission for this critical need.

Bay Safety & Security’s SafetyGuard Radio Communication can be either the primary or back-up communication for your alarm panel and allows for an emergency signal to reach our Central Monitoring Station even if your phone lines are compromised or disconnected or if your VoIP (cable modem) phone service is unavailable due to power or internet outage.

Bay Safety & Security is now including our SafetyGuard Radio with the Premier Protection Package. SafetyGuard Radio can also be added to any other Bay Safety & Security Protection Package for an additional charge.