Additional Options

Two-Way Voice Response

Bay Safety & Security’s alarm systems can include a two-way voice response system that puts you in instant contact with a trained professional in an emergency, allowing you to communicate without having to access a phone. In the event that your alarm system is activated, an emergency operator will come online within seconds. Using a strategically placed microphone and speaker system within your home, our Central Station will monitor the crisis, communicate with you, and provide the authorities with the critical information they need.

Flood Sensor Alerts

Typically installed next to sump pumps, flood sensors strategically placed in key areas of your home, Bay Safety’s monitoring station is alerted if a sensor detects water intrusion.

Temperature Alerts

In those seasons when your furnace is on, if the temperature inside certain parts of your home drops below a preset temperature, Bay Safety’s monitoring station is alerted and you are contacted.

Thermostat Remote Access

With certain security equipment, Bay Safety can provide you with dial-up access to your thermostat. This would enable you to raise or lower your thermometer when you go away for a number of days or weeks, then have the ability to remotely reset it to a much more comfortable temperature just before you return home. The result is saving money on heating or cooling bills, while returning to a comfortable and welcoming home.

Protect, Monitor and Ensure Safety of Children

With more children than ever before being raised by single parents or two working parents, there are legitimate concerns about the security and welfare of their children who can be home alone for a period of time after school. To help address these safety concerns, Bay Safety can provide security systems that notify parents by email or text message when their children have arrived home and then notify them again when they are inside and have reset the alarm. Each child can be assigned a unique alarm code so that you will know exactly who is coming or going from your home and at what time.

Pet Rescue Notification

Tell us about your pets! We understand that pets are part of your family. In the event of a fire, the Central Monitoring Station operator handling the alarm will be able to access any information that you have provided us, including number and kind of pets residing in the house. The authorities will then be advised about your pets so they have as much information as possible when they arrive.