Home Automation

Personal and Medical Emergency Alarms (PERS)

As our population continues to age, the worry of losing independence and perhaps becoming a burden to one’s family and friends is of increasing concern. Most of us have a strong desire to live an independent life in our own homes for as long as we are able. Bay Safety offers a solution to many of these concerns with its Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). This system makes it simple to instantly contact emergency services, relatives or friends if you have an accident at home and are in need of help.

By pushing the emergency button, our monitoring station is immediately alerted and quickly responds to determine your situation. If you are not able to answer, the operator will then call a family member or neighbor from your previously established call list that would be able to check on you. If the operator is unable to reach anyone on your list or if the situation requires it, our central station can send emergency help.

Bay Safety’s PERS is also beneficial for people transitioning back to independent living after a hospital stay. Additionally, every member of the household who needs a personal emergency alarm can wear their own as a necklace or a bracelet.

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