False Alarm Prevention

False alarms are more than an annoyance for you. They are also a serious problem for your police and fire departments. False alarms take police, fire and medical workers away from real emergencies and could put them at risk. Many municipalities now charge fees for excessive false alarms resulting in a dispatch.

Bay Safety is committed to reducing false alarms and takes this issue very seriously. Managing alarms more effectively benefits everyone. By knowing and understanding your system you will reduce the burden on responding authorities and prevent unnecessary alarm dispatches.
We will work with you to keep your system operating properly, but there are also simple steps that you can take to prevent false alarms.

    Step 1.

    Remember your alarm code and your password.

    Step 2.

    Become familiar with operating your burglar alarm system. Call us if you need additional training or have any questions about our system.

    Step 3.

    Be sure that everyone who will use your alarm system knows how to operate it properly and what to do if the system is set off accidentally.

    Step 4.

    Test your burglar alarm system monitoring at least monthly.

    Step 5.

    Be sure to have your system inspected, cleaned and tested by Bay Safety annually. Sensing devices can fail over time or become dirty, resulting in a greater chance of false alarms or, worse, no alarm when you need it!

    Step 6.

    Make sure all doors and windows with sensors are completely secured before turning on your alarm system.

    Step 7.

    Make sure all contact information and pass codes are kept up-to-date and notify us immediately of any changes.

    Step 8.

    Notify us immediately if you think your system isn’t working properly.

    Step 9.

    Notify us if you change your phone service, plan any remodeling, get a pet or plan to sell your home.

What to do in the event of a false alarm:

DON’T PANIC! If you are inside your home when your alarm system goes off and you are certain it is a false alarm, go to the keypad and punch in your code to disarm the system. This will turn off the siren. Make sure you are near a phone because the monitoring station will be contacting you very shortly. When the monitoring station calls they will ask for your password to verify who you are and to call off police dispatch.

If you do not receive a call from the monitoring station, there may be a problem with communication between your alarm panel and the monitoring station. Call us and we will help you to address the problem.

Your alarm system should provide you with years of worry free service. However, if you experience recurring false alarm events, the problem may be service or training related and you should contact Bay Safety immediately for service or additional instruction.