Maintenance Plans

You have invested in a security system to protect your family, home and possessions. To assure that your system will deliver the protection you require at all times, it’s important to keep it in good working order. Bay Safety offers comprehensive service and maintenance plans for all types of alarm systems.

Bay Safety & Security’s Maintenance Agreement*

Bay Safety’s Maintenance Agreement can mean that you may never have to pay for a service call. Should you have a technical problem or an inoperable security system, Bay Safety promises to make ourselves available within 24 hours to make the needed repairs to your security system.

With the purchase of a new security system from Bay Safety, during the first year all parts and labor charges are covered for any equipment-related problems. Anything beyond our control, such as vandalism, willful or accidental damage, would be chargeable. Twelve months after installation, you will be offered the option of a maintenance agreement that would extend the terms of the warrantee. At that time, we would perform a complete inspection of your system and correct any problems that may exist. And we don’t just offer service and maintenance contracts to customers with Bay Safety installed alarms. We can service and maintain any system installed by any alarm company.

The preventative maintenance visit includes the following 10-point check:

    1. Check the installation, location and sighting of all equipment and devices against specification.
    2. Check operation of all detection devices.
    3. Inspect all flexible connections.
    4. Check mains and stand-by battery power supplies, including charging rates.
    5. Check control unit for correct operation.
    6. Check remote signaling equipment physical connections.
    7. Test remote signaling equipment communications to the monitoring station.
    8. Check all audible warning and alarm devices.
    9. Check system is fully operational.
    10. Provide a signed technician’s report.

Call us to learn more about Bay Safety & Security’s Maintenance Agreement Program.

*Bay Safety & Security’s Maintenance Program applies to regularly scheduled service appointments based on availability of both the customer and Bay Safety during normal business hours. Other restrictions may apply.